Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Mantel!

Now that my children are older and my daughter LOVES zombies (thank you Walking Dead!), I can get a little more scary and spooky with my decor!

You can view my post on the jars here: My Jars!

The frames were made with my Cricut Cartridge "Happy Hauntings" and there are many more cuts I want to try!  

The 8x10 is the "graveyard" cut at 6" tall.

The tombstones are individuals at 3" and 4".  I had to hand write the lettering because the cuts just didn't work out for this.  I think I need to replace my blade...not sure tho.

I bought the crow and material hanging on the wall at Walmart.  I found the glitter foam bats at Micheal's.  

The spiderweb tea lights I found at Target in two packs for a dollar.  The "beware" sign also came from Target in their dollar section at the front of the store.

"Happy Halloween" is another Cricut cut from the "Happy Hauntings" cartridge.  This was manipulated in the Craft Room software to just under 8" wide.  I used vinyl I bought from Pick Your Plum and it comes 8" wide.

I hope you enjoy the mantel as much as my kids do....the boys like to take the jars down and pretend to make spells....quite humorous if you ask me :).

~Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Themed Ingrediant Jars!

I walked by the Micheal's display of Halloween stuff several weeks ago and I fell in LOVE with the little jars they had for decor.  I decided to make a set of my that I could curb my Halloween Jar desires!!

Here is what I came up with :)

I found free printables by searching on Google for the term I wanted on my labels.  I printed them out and turned them into stickers (like all time favorite thing to do...ever!)

Web of Spider

I lucked out one day when my local Hobby Lobby had ALL their glass on sale for 50% off!  I got all the jars that are shared here for next to nothing!

I filled this jar with faux spider web, easy peasy!!

Moon Dust

This one was fun to do!  It is flour and white glitter!!  I filled the jar about 1/4 fullwith flour and poured quite a bit of the glitter....then I shook it like crazy!!!

Dragon Bones

I don't have any actual bones in here yet....still struggling to find something to fit the concept without being a food item :(

Graveyard Dust

Potting soil.....that's it!

Earth Worms

What ingredient set is complete without worms??  Finding faux worms has proved to be very difficult!  They either have a smell to them for fishing or they are god-awful expensive!

Cobra Venom

Now we moved on to to do this??  I enlisted the other half....he chose corn syrup and food coloring!  Genius this man is sometimes!

I filled this jar about a quarter full with corn syrup and then added green food dye until I got the desired color!


Another staple for any "good" witch!  We used the corn syrup again and decided to go with a purple-ly color so I added purple paint to corn syrup in this jar for the effect.

Zombie Virus

Just in case you wanted to clear out a population, there is always Zombie Virus!  This is one more corn syrup mix with a yellow tint.  I was going to go green with it....but we already had the Venom so I didn't want to over do it.

Jar of Eyes!

I decided not to label this one....mainly because the jar is something that stay on my mantel with every season and what goes inside changes.  These eyes are bouncing balls I found at Micheal's in the Halloween trinket section of the store.  Think I picked them up for 2/$5.

I hope to add to these for next year, and to seriously find the ingredients I am missing!  I am almost done with my mantel as a whole and will be sharing that tomorrow!! YAY!

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Front Door

I'm just in love with this door!  I used re-positional vinyl that bought over the summer from Pick Your Plum and my Happy Hauntings Cartridge for my Cricut machine. 

The bats and tombstones are the base cuts for their respected cuts.  I welded the three gravestones together to make one cut.  The tree and pumpkins are layer cuts for the details.

Enter if you Dare is a pre-cut phrase included in the cartridge.  

I just love this!!!

My mantel is coming soon....struggling to find the "right" worms ;)

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Custom Fashion Divas!!!

I have embarked on a new endeavor with my mom and we have created a new company called Custom Fashion Divas!  Currently we operate on Facebook and Etsy and sell items that are custom fit to our customers.

Recently I have added BLING to items and have been dappling in local mascot spirit wear!

I am beyond excited about this and super excited about our first "craft" show in December!!

Come check us out:

Hope to see you all over there!!!  We are running a special for the month of October.....for every 50 new likes we get, we will give away a FREE infinity scarf....share the page to entry per day :)