Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Remove Grass and Mud Stains from Baseball Pants!

For any mom whose child plays baseball and softball, white pants can be the scariest thing in the world!  I have three boys and it seems that at least two of them end up in white pants every season!  This year...ALL of them are in white!

After six seasons of this game....I have a system to keep my white pants looking as white as can be....WITHOUT using bleach!  I hate bleach, the smell of it, what it does to the cloths I don't want bleach on, and frankly....I don't have time for that ;)

I have experimented with several stain removers and laundry detergents and finally found a duo that does the trick, every time, always!

I pre-treat my pants with Shout! stain remover and let it set for about 10 minutes, I then spray it again right before I drop it into the wash.  I use Tide detergent to wash.  I have used the entire line, and any of them will work.  Currently I am in love with the Pods!  I love the fact that I can keep count of how many loads of detergent I have left before having to buy more! Ha!

Here is a pair of pants fresh home from a game...Gross, I know!

Here is what they look like after I treated and washed them!

Pretty cool huh?!

I hope you can put my little trick to use with your ball players....every little bit of awesome advice helps!

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. This is sincerely a good alternative to bleach. Bleach weakens clothes after some time, much more with baseball pants, where the application is concentrated on the knee part every wash. That pants fresh from a game can even go worse when they play with a slight drizzle or after it rained. The mud stick to the fabric easier, making it harder to remove. Linnie@Uniforms Express