Monday, May 6, 2013

Day One of Teacher Appreciation Week: Candy Jars!

I have put together a week's worth of awesome little tokens of my appreciation for the teachers in my life.  Day one is a jar filled with their favorite candy!

I bought three mason jars, one for each of my teachers.  I found a cute printed paper and cut circles that would fit into the mason jar lid.

Then I filled each jar with my teacher's favorite candy.  I found some cute little sayings on the internet to correspond with each candy type and I hand wrote it on tags I bought from Pick Your Plum (Love that site!).

I personalized each jar with a monogram sticker for each teacher!

I hope that they enjoy them....the next four days are filled with more fun stuff!  Once they are delivered, I will post them (don't want to give away any surprises!)

~Happy Teacher Appreciation week!

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