Monday, February 25, 2013

Financial Binder~FREE PRINTABLES!

 Financial Binder can one of the best tools you every give your family.  Many relationships end over a difference in regards to money (whether it be income or spending or how to save).  The top stress factor in my life is money (not that I am all about the money...but money provides my kids with their sports, food, cloths, home, etc.).  I can only imagine that this is the case for most everyone I know.  I do have a few friends that don't have to worry about it; their income far exceeds their expenses and simply sit on unspent and rather unsaved money!  Very few people I know how this problem!  So, I have decided to share with you what I am doing to solve the problem short of winning the lottery!

Step One is and always will be to get organized!!  What problem you have in life, something will work itself out if you just organize the situation!

Things you will need to buy: 3 Ring Binder (got mine for 2.74 at Walmart)
12x12 scrapbook paper (if you don't already have it...use the medium to heavy cardstock)
3 Hole Punch (surely, you have one already!  If not, they are $8 at Walmart)
Be sure your printer has ink and paper in are going to be doing a lot of printing!

I made my own dividers, simply because this is not a business or school notebook and I want to use my own colors!

I took a 12x12 piece of solid color medium cardstock and put in my 3 hole punch (it is important that you make sure your 3 hole punch is set to the right spots as your binder....I learned this the hard way!)

I then marked off where I wanted to cut down my page and where I wanted my "tab" to be.

I used my straight cutter that is made by Provo Craft (but the brand doesn't matter!)  The important thing is that you have straight lines (or at least that's the case for me!).

I made my own printables to keep track of everything, at the bottom of each picture of my pages, there is a link to follow so that you can use them as well!  I have used other people's free printables for some other projects and I want to return the favor!  These things are not easy to make but can really make or break a decor area or notebook! ;)

Monthly Budget

Download the Monthly Budget HERE!

Weekly Expense Tracker

Download the Weekly Expense Tracker HERE!

Allowance Tracker

Download the Allowance Tracker HERE!

Savings Goals

Download the Savings Goal Sheet HERE!

Savings Register

Download the Savings register HERE!

Here is how my notebook is set up:
  Under the Budget tab is my monthly budget, followed by four weekly expense trackers and four weekly allowance sheets (These 8 sheets are in between each monthly budget).  I keep track of the money that is allotted to me to spend on the house, myself, and the kids.  This allows me to see places that I can make better decisions in regards to what I buy and when.  There is always room for improvement in your spending, but can't change what you can't see.

Under my Long Term Accounts I have included my savings goals sheets and a register for each goal.  This allows me to keep track of what amount is allotted to each savings goal in each of my savings accounts.  I do not have a seperate account for each little item I want to save for.  This allows me to see where $100 transfer to my savings account is going (for example; I have three goals we are working on, we put 50% towards the largest goal and 25% to each of the smaller ones.)  Each register denotes that actual dollar amount and we can see just how close we are getting to each goal.

Under my Utilities Tab I keep the last three months of the following Bills:
Gas Company
Electric Company
Trash Company

Under my Other Bills account I keep the last three months of the following Bills:
Cell Phone
Student Loan
Credit Card

Under my Bank Account Tab I keep my paperwork that accompanies each account I hold.  This keeps that information with the relevant material in which in may be needed!

Since completing this and putting it to use, the fiance and I have been at ease about what is getting paid when and how.  We both agreed on how the budget will work out, how much goes into the Savings, etc. and we can see it happening on a daily and weekly basis.  We leave room for the both to have personal expenses that the other doesn't know about right off the bat (such as for holidays, birthdays, just because).

If you download and use these, please leave a comment and let me know what you liked about them!  If there is something you want to see, let me know that!  Also, feel free to link these, but please, give credit where it is due!

~Happy Financing!


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  3. Thank you for sharing the printables. I was looking for something to create a binder and what you created will work perfectly!