Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Review~Scandalous Sisters!

If I find a good book....it sucks me in!  When a good series catches me....it's a week long trip into "Fairy Tale Land."  I found this series in one of my "Free E-book" searches on Amazon.  There have been two occasions that this trap on Amazon has worked on me....this being the second time I have downloaded a free book that is one in a series and then eventually bought the remaining e-books!

The series is titled Scandalous Sisters and they are all written by Rose Gordon.  

Book 1 is titled Intentions of the Earl and is still currently FREE!!  (I Love Free!)

Download it HERE!

The time frame of the book is set in England about 20 years after the United States has won its Independence.  The sisters are American born girls in England on a family vacation to their father's homeland.  The main character of this book is the Elder sister, Brooklyn.  It's suspenseful and a little dirty, you won't want to put it down!

Book 2 is titled Liberty for Paul and is currently $3.99.

Download it HERE! 
This a sequel and picks almost right where the first book leaves off.  Liberty, the youngest sister of the trio is the main character of this book.  In this one,  we follow her as she discovers a life outside of the shadows of her two pretty older sisters.  Liberty plays a major role in the first book, which is what had me begging for more when I found this one.  Unlike some other sequels I have looked into, this truly is a continuation of the first book (and I love that!).

Book 3 is titled To Win His Wayward Wife and is also $3.99.

Download it HERE!

This book is slightly different in set up than the other two.  It takes you straight to the issue and then flashes you back to figure out how the story went from the end of the second book to "now."  This one obviously centers around the middle sister, Madison.  Many unanswered questions from the first two books are answered in this final book of the series.  Like the other two books, it can get a little dirty, but it is important to the story line and the terminology had me laughing out load and needing to explain myself to those around me!

I hope you read them (and enjoy them)!  They are good little break from everyday life!

~Happy Reading!

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