Monday, February 11, 2013

Class Valentine's Treats!

Valentine's Day Parties at school are probably my favorite party to prepare for when it comes to class parties!  Maybe it's because the day falls three days before my birthday and I am all into that...but regardless, my creative juices really get rolling this time of year!

This year I decided to go with a "non-candy" treat for my boys to give out during their Valentine exchange.  As always, I searched Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.  I found my treat idea for last year there (one of my first completed Pinterest projects I might add!).

This year, I used a printable I found via Pinterest on from Dixie Delight for my tags and I made these:

The bouncy balls are 10 cents a piece at Party City in their loose favor isle, the bags are 1.99 in the meltable candy mold section at Micheal's (probably at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's too).  The tag, obviously, free!!  I had the kids write their to and froms on the back side of the tag!  I am massively excited about these...especially because for three classrooms, it only cost me $8 and some change!!

Go to my Pinterest Board "Valentine's Day" for more ideas and last minute to-do's for this Thursday!  I have done the Pop Rocks one (last year) and there are several I want to try!

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