Monday, January 14, 2013

Homemade Happy Birthday Banner!

I love love love banners!  Banners and Streamers are my specialty when it comes to decor for a birthday party!  For this football party...I used two whole rolls of's pretty serious!

I have been searching forever for a way to make my own personalized banners without spending an arm and a leg...and Pinterest finally came through!  I found a pin that led to a blog where another blogger created a pdf file for each and every letter of the alphabet with a triangle line for cutting!  It is amazing.  They print in black (I had found some others that printed in colors or patterns....making it hard to personalize!).  You can use whatever paper will fit in your printer....solid color/pattern/card stock...I love it!  The possibilities are endless with this!!!  Here is a link to her you can do the same!  Shanky 2 Chic  I have not yet explored her website in full...but I can only imagine that she has other amazing things!

Here is what they look like fresh out of the printer...

...and here is the finished product!  I chose a football ribbon attached to the wall and used clothes pins to attach the banner pieces to the ribbon!  I also did my son's name and hung it from the table top goal post we made :))



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