Monday, January 14, 2013

Field Goal Cupcakes!

I searched to the ends of the internet (mainly pinterest) for the perfect idea for the cupcakes I was going to make.  Up until this birthday party....I have ALWAYS had a store bought cake!!!  Always!  I usually spend a pretty penny on them fact, the football birthday party we had last year had a two tier cake that looked like a football stadium and cost me just short of $50!!  It was super awesome...worth every penny...but I wanted to start having a bigger hand in my kids' special here is what I came up with!  At the end of the post, I will post a link to the blogger who I grabbed the idea from...I did change up a few I am sharing my own pics!  This whole thing was super easy and you don't need a lick of creativity to pull this one off!

First off, we bought box cake son really enjoyed picking out his cake....this made it so much more personal for him.  He chose funfetti white cake...and we dyed it green!

After they cooled....we made green icing...white "can" frosting dyed green with food coloring just like the cakes...we put a good coating on top of each cupcake...
Then....and this is where it gets fun!!!  We dumped a bottle of green sugar sprinkles into a small bowl...and dipped the iced cupcake in the sprinkles....this gave a fun "grass" effect without me spending tons of time with a tip!

Before I iced and sprinkled the cupcakes...while the cupcakes were cooling...I made edible goal posts!  This idea in its entirety came from the blog with this cupcake idea!  All the credit goes to whoever gave her the idea!  I used melt-able candy (which is really colored white chocolate.)

I put the candies in the one icing sleeve I have and used the tip that would give me the straightest line.  The idea is to put the candies in the bag you are going to use...microwave as directed until the candy is melted...remove from the then squeeze the candy out in the shape desired...onto parchment paper (this is a very important part!).  When the candy is can removed from the paper.  (They also make molds to make candied suckers!)

Now, when the cupcakes were sprinkled...I took the cleaned out icing bag and drew two white lines down each make yardage markers...once done with that...I put a goal post on each cupcake!

The kids loved them!!!  And so did the parents!  Every raved about the goal posts being edible....and it's always great to realize your ideas were great ones!

Here is a link to original... Miss Make  her pictures are much better than mine....some day soon...I will have a better camera and will be taking much better pictures!!!!  Promise!


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