Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting Back in the Grove!

My kids start back to school tomorrow!!!  I am so excited!  They got a new Xbox for their room (which was more for me than them....this gets them off of the Xbox in the living room and gives me more quite time on the lower level of our home!).  They have literally been on it every single day since we hooked it up the day after Christmas!!!  I have been making them take to time read, but man, I worry they have retained nothing!  I am also excited about them going back to school because on Friday they are going to make up their missed Winter Parties and I will FINALLY be able to post pics of the Teacher Christmas Gifts and reviews from my 5th graders on the games we put together!  I have been waiting patiently for this!!  You will probably see several post over the next weekend!

Also, this week I will be wrapping up the plans and crafts for my soon to be 9 year old's football birthday that is in exactly ONE WEEK!  He had the same theme last year but our activities and location are going to be different!  I am just hoping that we have a good turn out since he has decided to NOT invite his classmates and only choose his friends (all of which do not attend school with him but attend classes in another grade or another school in our town).  This is going to be one busy week!  I have not decided if I am going to make several post about the football stuff (i.e. post them as I get them done), or wait until it is all done and post one large post.  Let me know what you guys want to do!

Also, if you are subscribed to getting emails from the blog....DO IT!  Share the site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...word of mouth, whatever!  I want to see this things grow, grow, GROW!  Don't forget to give me feedback either!  I really want your opinion on how I am doing things and what I am posting!  This is half yours!

Post at cha later!
~Brandie :))

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