Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Board

I have found the best first step to getting my life organized was to develop a menu.  This forces me to organize my food shopping and allows me to get everything I need a week at time.  Now, I am not rushing to the store or over buying (saves me money too!)  The menu also stops the question "Mom, what's for dinner?"  I fill it out every Sunday evening and the entire house knows what's cooking for the entire week!

I found the original idea on Pintrest (where most of ideas seem to be coming from!).  I bought an eight hole photo collage (about $10), filled each hole with scrapbook paper titled it with the given day (one hole reserved for the title "The Menu") and can you use the glass as a dry erase board!  I love it!  As my mood changes I can change the paper.  Grocery shopping just got tons easier!

~Happy Eating!
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