Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Movie/Game Shelf

After several months of living together, Jason and I's movie and game collection (mainly his..but what's his is mine :)) had over run three crates and the old entertainment center!  It was a mess!  Danielle was getting discs out of the cases and they were getting scratched up....not cool!  We started talking about buying a media case that had a lock on it.  I was not excited about the idea of a lock (cause if the boys want to play a game or watch a movie...I would have to unlock and re lock the unit).  At the time, it was back to school sales EVERYWHERE and walmart was featuring this zig zag shelf in their college/dorm specials.  I came up with a plan to make this simple zig zag bigger and in multiples.  After sharing the plans with Jason....we came up with this!
Since our collection has begun to out grow it a bit I am looking for a neat way to store the DS games :))  When it happens, I will of course share it!

~Happy Organizing

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