My Advice

Here are links to my Advice entries....I don't always do things the right way...or the proper way...but here you will find my advice on things I have experienced...look at it as a way to avoid the mistakes I have made.  I will share things that have worked...and things that haven't!

School Party Planning

New Year Planning

Finding Quality Time

Active Family

Spending Valentine's with Kids

Valentine's Class Parties

Menu Planning-Free Printables

How to Clean Baseball Pants

Traveling with Kids {Guest Post}

Kids and Summer School!

Football Safety and the NFL

Cleaning Baseball Pants!

Celebrity Role Models

Pre-Teen and a Cell Phone

Here you will find my posts about money...spending it, saving it, earning it, and all other related topics....

Birthday Freebies!

Planning on a Budget!

Financial Binder-Free Printables

52 Week Savings Challenge

Here are some blog building posts...not really advice...but how I figured a few things out ;)

My First Button!

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