Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Classroom Parties!

Okay, my party planning is DONE!  Three classrooms have a rockin' parties planned...all we need to do is get to Thursday, the LOVE day and get to work!  Here is my break down by grade!

5th Grade

(This classroom has 19 Boys and 6 Girls)

This game was requested by our group of kids.  We have a very open line of communication with them and their teacher and it makes planning their parties so easy and much more fun!
We will have 5 winners and they will receive some kind of big Valentine themed candy as their prize!  Their place markers will, of course, be conversation hearts they can eat when the game is over.

Guessing Jar

One of my moms is filling a jar with Valentine's loose candy.  She will also have the exact number of pieces written down...somewhere.  The jar will arrive with her daughter the day of the party.  The kids will have all day to attempt to figure out how many pieces of candy are in the jar.  During the party, they will have a chance to guess and the person guessing closest will win the jar of candy.  Everyone else will get a snack size version of the type of candy in the jar.
Cupid's Arrow

This game was pitched to me by one of my 3rd grade parents and I decided to pitch it to 5th grade class.  We are now doing it in BOTH classrooms!
The idea of the game is to "shoot" as many "arrows" into the heart bowl as you can in 60 seconds.  The "arrows" are q-tips and the launcher is a straw.  You shoot the "arrows" in the same manner that you would shoot a spit ball!  Having a class full of boys, we thought this would be fun for them.  Let's hope it's a big hit!

ICE Cream sundae Bar!
Pretty self explanatory!  We did a nacho bar for the Winter Party and it was a HUGE hit!  Since Valentine's day is about your sweetie, we decided to make sure the snacks were as sweet as could be.  We do have two Gluten allergies and one peanut allergy in our classroom, so finding things that we can have that are safe for them was a bit of challenge....but it certainly led to some fun food ideas that everyone is loving!

Chocolate Lollipops
I am using meltable Chocolate circles to make these.  They are GF and peanut free so I am pretty excited about them!

3rd Grade

(This classroom has 2 more girls than boys)

Hot "Heart" Potato
This is just like the original game we all played as kids...but we are using a heart shaped pillow as the potato.  These kiddos have been asking for a game that involves music...and we have decided to deliver!
Cupid's Arrows
The same game we are playing with 5th grade!
Heart Hand Craft
Unlike my 5th graders, my 3rd graders still like to have a craft at their party.  One of my mom's has an idea and is providing all of the supplies...making my job super easy!  I know it involves red paint, their hands and Valentine's poem for Mom and Dad!
This classroom has no food allergies, so we get to have all kinds of good, sugary things!  They are having cupcakes, cookies, popcorn drizzled in chocolate and of course soda!

2nd Grade

 (This classroom has an even number of boys and girls)
The Game
I have great parents in this classroom and two moms who only have one kiddo in school.  They have come up with a game and are providing the rules and supplies.  The idea of the game is lost on me BUT I know it is suppose to be like a life size board game!  Which is pretty cool!
Box Decorating
We are decorating boxes as a class in 2nd grade.  My son is not too happy about this, but the majority of my parents wanted to do this, so I allowed it.  We will see how this goes, there will not be a whole lot of time for creative juices to flow!
Heart Hand Craft
2nd grade is also doing a red paint handprint card for their parents.  I am hoping the poem for this one is different...since I will be getting both! ;)
We will be serving cupcakes and chocolate lollipops (yeah, I agreed to do both classrooms...just glad I didn't have to do all three!)

I will update on the 15th and let everyone know how it went.  Feel free to snag any of these ideas for your last minute planning!  Look for this post next year as I plan to build on top of themed items as this blog grows!


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