Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minecraft Heart Boxes!

Ah, gotta love having boys!  Two of my three had to make boxes for Valentine's Day of them is doing his last!!  Scary!  In the spirit of being boys their ideas for boxes were pretty simple and rather unique!  They are die-hard Minecraft fans (a video game with "old school" graphics) and thought they'd do Minecraft themed heart boxes.  And by they...they meant moma!  Of course, I set myself up for this one...I did make them Minecraft inspired costumes for Halloween this past year...and I am rather good at figuring out the pixel effect.

Well, here they are!
I almost made them exactly the same...but then I wouldn't know which belonged to who!

I am just happy they let wanted to use shades of pink!!  The only time I can get them to voluntarily use pink is at Valentine's Day and during October (Breast Cancer Awareness!).

~Happy Valentine's Day!

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