Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Obssession with Hooks!

Oh yes!  With a household of 6 in a 3 bedroom townhouse, hooks have become my new best friend (well, at least as inanimate objects are concerned!).

My entry way is full of them!

My Key Holder!

This one I made and you can see my tutorial Here!  Right now it is holding my keys and the kids' "Blue Crew" badges for the Royals Stadium!

Underneath my Key Holder is a hook system that I bought at Hobby Lobby on a 50% off sale (think I paid $4.00 for it).  It's job is hold baseball belts and school backpacks!

Since I have four kids and only three in school, this backpack idea is working....but in a mere year and half, this will have to be re-thought!  I am not sure how I will find a hook system that goes with this color set-up.....so I will be changing this if we still live here then!

I have a coat rack (because my children are short like their mother and can't reach the bar in the coat closet!).  I bought this full price at Target for about $20.  This particular day I was in a fit over the coats thrown about the house (not just by my kids either).  What I am trying to say is, this was impulse buy and I don't suggest it!  Hobby Lobby puts their hook systems and single hooks on sale ALL the time.

My newest hook system was almost another impulse buy due to the fact that my kitchen does not accommodate for lunch box storage.  I was strolling through Target and happened upon this one!  It was on clearance for $15.00!

I love that it is hooks, a shelf, AND a chalkboard!!  As you can see it is holding lunchboxes, KC hats and baseball trophies!

That makes four hook systems in a single area of my home!  I wasn't kidding when I said I am obsessed!  The hook obsession doesn't end here tho!  I will be adding quite a few more over the course of the next couple of months.

Here's what for:
1.  Hoodies!  Currently, they reside on the coat rack and create a bulking eye soar that is not easy to move around when all 6 of the people that live here try to get through the entryway.  There will be one for the boys, one for the daughter and one in my bedroom for the grown up ones.

2.  Towels!  We do have those rods that towels drape over in the bathroom and on the doors to the showers.  They suck, especially when you have three growing boys sharing a bathroom!  I will be adding a hook for each boy to hang their towel on (I will be getting them from Hobby Lobby).

3. Medals!  We have quite the collection of Wrestling Medals.  Since I added the shelf hook system, I have to find a new place to put them (they used to hang on tacks, ha!).

~Happy Organizing!

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