About ME!

I am a mom to four ah-maz-ing kids!  I have three sons and a daughter.  My oldest was born shortly after I turned 17....yep, I was a teen mom (but way before MTV made it "cool")!  My boys are all close in age with the largest gap being between the oldest two at 21 months.  My daughter trails her brothers by 3 and half years (she was the biggest surprise of all!).  I didn't plan a single pregnancy, they were all truly gifts from the Almighty.  We play sports and we play video games!  The boys play football, baseball and basketball.  They also run track now that they are old enough to do with the school.  The daughter plays football, softball and takes dance classes. Being their mom and running them from activity to another can be exhausting some days, but it really is the most rewarding thing I have ever done!  Watching them grow into some of the coolest adults ever has been quite the blessing!!  I can't wait to see what they do in this world.

I am a Domestic Violence survivor.  I have been a stay at home mom, a working mom, and now a work from home mom.  I have been skinny.... and fat since my last pregnancy....and I really liked being skinny! I LOVE pink....and Camo...and glitter!!!  I really love to read (like...stay up all night because I can't put a book down kind of love to read).  Someday, I hope to write a few books.

I am a crafter at heart and love turning ideas into reality.  Here at this blog, I will share the parties and the DIY things I try.  I will share with you my parenting struggles.... and my parenting triumphs. I will share with you my experiences in my relationships...as a mother, a partner, a daughter and a friend.  And there will be times when I share my personal struggles and the way I have learned to cope and grow from them.

I encourage you to interact with me.  You can do this by commenting on a post, sending me an email @ ms.brandielyons{at}gmail{DOT}com, or following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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