Monday, January 14, 2013

Table Top Goal Post!

Ah!  The many posts to my son's 9th birthday party are HERE!  First project first....the table top goal post!  This is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time!  In fact, now that I know this is very inexpensive and easy.....I will be "life-size" ones for the backyard!  How could any true football fan not!

Here is the supply list for making this awesome addition to ANY football decor!

PVC Piping:  We used 1/2 inch by 10 foot $1.25
90 degree joints (non-thread) x 2 $0.46 each
Tee joints (non-thread) x 2 $0.46 each
Cap ends (non-thread) x 2 $0.36 each
Yellow Plastic Spray Paint $3.67

You could technically use 6 cap ends if you want to cap off the base....I didn't....I just capped the top.

All of these supplies and costs came from Home Depot....making it easy to find!

Here are the measurements of the cuts we made....we used a hack saw (which is weird thing to use if you have done so....reminded me of one of those scary movies from my childhood)!

 top half pieces (2) 23 inches
cross bar (two pieces into the tee joint) 12 inches
stand piece 5 inches
base pieces 4 @6 inches and 2 @ 6.5 inches

The two 6.5 inch pieces are in the middle....basically, we used every last part of the PVC piping we bought. Once the pieces were cut, we sanded get the black print off so that the yellow paint would is what we used...they are sanding blocks.  Because my fiance uses them when he works...we had some laying around the house.  I am not sure of the cost, but I can't imagine them being more than a couple of bucks!

Because they are blocks...they are easy to grip and frankly, they are my favorite thing to use when sanding!

Here is the goal post pre-paint...I was going to take a pic of the pieces before we built it....but in my excitement...I forgot!

And here she is on display before the kiddos arrived!  It was huge hit...the kids thought it was super cool!  I am very excited about having it now...because I use it several times this coming fall...and if things go the way I want...we will be having a Super Bowl party and she will be out for that!



  1. My husband and I made two of these and they turned out perfect. We believe that the measurement for the stand piece should be 15" rather than the 5" per instruction. the 5" makes the goal post look short and squatty. Even the picture shown in your direct ions appear to be longer than the stated 5". Thanks for the great table decorating idea as football season is upon us!!

    1. You are correct, it should have been 15"! Thank you for pointing that out! I love this piece and gets a lot of use between little league football parties and my son's yearly football birthday party in Jan! I have some new projects in mind for this upcoming season and I hope you and your husband get to view them! I am so sorry for the delayed reply, I have been a busy gal ;)