Monday, January 28, 2013

Cupcake Toppers!

I found several ways to use my Cricut and Princess Cartridge for my daughter's birthday party yesterday!  One of my favorite projects was the cupcake toppers I made.  I made 24 cuts of the "Crown" cut (with the Layers and Shadow) and turned the top half into stickers.  I then sticker-ed the top half onto the Shadow base with a tooth pick between them.

I did these at 1.5 inches and substituted the middle "jewel" cut for a rhinestone sticker I had several of.

They were a huge hit!  In fact....I had ZERO left over (I have just under a dozen left of my football cupcakes and almost twice the number of people!)



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  2. You make me long for a grandson now with such creative ideas and football ideas, as well! lol Nicely done.