Thursday, January 31, 2013

Creating Logo Buttons!

Do you see those awesome pink logo buttons on the right?  Those were a bitch! I have noticed the circle icons on several of the blogs that I follow....and I wanted them!  I sat down this morning, with the intention on doing a lot of laundry today...we have a busy weekend afterall.  I ended up spending the entire day cleaning out my computer, searching blog posts on these bad boys and eventually getting them up and running on my blog!  To say I feel accomplished would be a terrible understatement!!
If you are a blogger, here are links to sites that break this whole process down for the Blogger Blog-ers of the world!  These writers are a God-send and I don't think these buttons would be a reality without them!  True Story!!

This blog is just on the Twitter Button.  It is the simplest code of all of the codes for these buttons!  It is quite crazy but at the same time makes sense as to why it was the LAST code to get figured out!
This blog covers ALL of the logos! The twitter code on this blog I could not get to work, thus the reason I shared twitter only post.  This is completely awesome!

I also found a site that has several logo packs, here is a link to the pack I used to get my pink logos.  They are completely free and they blog owners have several other options!!  They are in a WinZip be sure you have an active software download for that...otherwise you will not be able to open it!

Happy hunting my Blogger friends!

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