Monday, January 14, 2013

5th Grade Winter Party!

The 5th grade party was a success!  The kids had a blast and the game and craft were perfect!  I went ahead with the plans we made before the snow day cancellation and made reindeer ornaments.  The boys had fun putting their own comic spins on them!  It was fun for the moms to see them being as creative as they are in putting them together!  I just hope the parents enjoy having one last thing to put on their trees from their child's elementary years. 

We took silver bells and threaded a green and gold pipe cleaner through the top (both pipe cleaners were cut in half).  The green one becomes the "hook" to hang it and the gold become the antlers.  I found googly eyes that were stickers....leaving the only glued object to be the red nose which a tiny red puff ball.  Several of the boys in class needed two sets of eyes because the first set were immediately attached to their foreheads (a comical extravaganza!) 

After the crafts were done, we split the class in two groups and set them up for a snow ball fight!  Before they even had the rules, they were jumping with joy!  Clearly, getting them out of their seats on into a "game" was exciting!  They had two minutes to throw their snow balls (or cotton balls) across the taped lined of the opposing team!  It was a blast and even the five girls in class had fun with it!  We had cotton balls every where and I am sure their teacher will be finding them from now til the end of the school year!  It was a cheap and easy game....and a huge hit with my 10 and 11 year olds!

We ended the hour with a nacho bar.  We have two gluten free kids and one peanut finding a fun snack that everyone can eat has been a great task!  You have already seen the "lumps of coal" I made (GF!!).  Lucky enough for me, one of the parents that is on my parent planning email list has one of our GF kids.  She is also friends with the majority of the parents.  So ensuring the items you don't think about (like processed cheese and taco seasoning) didn't have any Gluten in them was flawless!  The kids loved it! 

My 3rd and 2nd graders (who's planning processes I oversee but can't attend because all of the parties are at the exact same time) were not very impressed with their parties.  They complained that they were, this is something I need to work on.  The 2nd graders played musical chairs (which I thought they would like) and did a craft (which I LOVED!) was a picture ornament.  They also spent time wrapping them up as gifts to their parents.  The 3rd graders were a little let down and some of the significant supplies were forgotten by those that had signed up for them....and I am blaming the time lapse and rescheduling of the party.

We have one more party....the Valentine's Party.  I will be posting card collection box ideas in the week or so before the parties (we also make our own....regardless of what they do at school!)  If you come across any neat/cool/boyish ideas...PLEASE share them with me!


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