Monday, January 28, 2013

Balloon Weight/Centerpiece!

I hate buying those cheap looking balloon weights so I tend to get creative with tying down my birthday balloons.  I found this cute idea to make a centerpiece with pipe I took the inspiration and made a little set up to hold down our Princess balloon at the Princess Party we had over the weekend.  

Step 1:  Take a pipecleaner and wrap it around a pencil or other simular item.
Step 2: Gently pull the ends of each of the pipe cleaners to stretch them out (be careful not to pull them out too far).
Step 3: Get an empty vase, fill the bottom with streamer paper or basket paper.  

Step 4: Gently place the pipecleaners one by one until the vase is full

Step 5: (for a balloon weight) Tie the ribbon around the vase and tape the strings to the bottom

It was fun and super cute on the table.  The package of pipe cleaners cost me 87 cents, the vase I already had, the same for the streamer paper I put in it....The balloon was roughly $3.00.  Overall, this fun eye candy piece cost me less than $5!


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