Monday, January 28, 2013

Homemade Pinata!

Pinata prices are over-rated....$20 to have your kid and his or her friends break it!  It's crazy!  Why not rip up a hundred dollar bill and throw candy at the kids??  Or, make your own with stuff you have around the house?  That seems like much more fun to me!  We concocted a method that did not include a messy three day paper mache mess....cardboard boxes!!  My daughter had her heart set on a Cinderella Castle Pinata that we just couldn't bring ourselves to purchase!  So, the fiance and I drew up some plans and dug through some empty boxes we had laying around the house.  He cut the boxes to size and I printed out a party hat cutout that served as the cone shaped roof of the towers we were making.

Once all the pieces were glued together, we covered it in a coat of white paint to cover up all the writing on the boxes.

Once it was covered, I pulled out my supply of streamer (I over buy every birthday!) and I got to designing the pinata castle of my daughter's dreams!  I had planned to print off a picture of the Disney Princesses to put on the castle....but I ran out of color ink and so I broke out some stickers I had laying around the house.  Here is the finished product!

The girls loved the way it looked but it only took two hits before the bottom fell out.  Note to self....better enforce the bottom!

Some potential items you can use to make your: cereal boxes, cracker boxes, boxes from toys, packing boxes and any other cardboard box you can find.


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  1. What a fabulous and creative idea! I love the way you resist just handing your money over to the party stores for those over priced party decorations, good for you, yet you also saw the want in your daughters eye's and you and your fiancé worked together to make sure on her special day she had her castle! I really love that about your beautiful pianta! Thanks again for your creativeness and instructions, I, too, am going to save so much with this party piece at my granddaughter's 4th birthday party! Awesome keep 'em coming!