Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Great Deals

Midwest Moma has been doing a great job giving you tips and ideas about saving money and budgeting your weekly grocery bills.

I would like to share with you my special way of saving money on traveling and eating out. For a lot of families it just isn’t in the budget to take weekend trips or even go out to eat to a decent restaurant. Well, I know how you can save 50% or more on doing these things.

Groupon and Living Social are two sites that will send you daily emails giving you huge savings on restaurants, various services (spas, car washes, fitness classes, etc) AND trips. These “escapes” range anywhere from a weekend trip (such as St Louis and Branson) to ski resorts and even exotic places.

I have purchased vouchers for $10 which is then worth $20 at the restaurant. This is a great way to take the family (or just you and hubby) to a great restaurant and save 50%!! My husband and I have used the restaurant vouchers several times for places that we normally would not have dined at or that we have never heard of.

We have also taken advantage of several weekend trips to both St Louis and Branson. These trips are usually for a one night stay or a two night stay; and most of them will let you purchase up to two of them to combine for a longer stay. These are very nice hotels and resorts. Most of them come with extra perks like kids stay free, dining credits, show tickets, or goodies waiting for you in your room. What a great way to get away for the weekend with our without kids!

Both sites will also offer deals to purchase various items from online retailers at discounts of 50% or more.

If you are not a Groupon or Living Social l junkie like me head on over and sign up today! Let us know what great deals you score!

Mother of Midwest Moma

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  1. Two other databases simular to the ones my mother uses include Amazon Local and Google Offers! I will be adding all four of these sites to the "Must View Websites" tab! Enjoy!