Monday, January 14, 2013

Cricut Cuts-All Sports!

My cricut is one of my favorite pieces to mom life!  I can do so many amazing things with it....(although there are many many carts that I still need!)  For those of you with one...or are thinking about getting is four cuts I used for my most recent birthday party! 

They are all from the Cartridge named "All Sports" and it was a recent Christmas Gift...basically because my mother loves me!  There is another sports one..."Sports Mania" that I will be getting soon and you will see many cuts from it as well!

My son had a football party (he's a new Redskins fan and since we don't live in Washington State..I had to order some supplies...).  I bought colored papered to match the Redskins colors and went to work!

There are five football players on this cartridge (one of which is female)....I used three of them!

There is also a TON of football themed cuts...I did a couple...but messed all but one of them when I was putting them together...since I waited until the last minute to do these...I didn't have time to re-do them...anyway, here is the one I did do!
I love doing these and will using my Princess cuts in two weeks for my daughter's birthday party!


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  1. I'm glad you posted the Football players pictures. I cut out all the layers, then couldn't figure out where some of tiny pieces went. I ended up putting adhesive on the wrong side of the tiny pieces that go on the sleeves, but oh well.