Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Local Savings for the "Cold" Season!

I finally clipped my coupons from this past Sunday paper (5 booklets!!!!).  I will attempting to couple the food coupons with sales between tomorrow and when they expire and when I do....I will share my tips to getting the most out of your coupons.  BUT! Right now I want to share some coupons and deals that I think everyone could use yesterday!

It's cold and flu season!  My household had three different bugs in two weeks!  I can only assume that my friends are dealing with the same things in their households!  With that, here are some coupons that can help ease the cost of dealing with and fighting off those bugs!

First of all, for symptoms that include congestion or cough (caused by nasal drainage), our doctor has recommended Benadryl (or a knock off!).  I found "Bio-Pharm" Allergy Relief in a 4 ounce bottle for ages 6+ in the children's medicine department at Walmart for 88 cents each!!  It has the exact same ingredients as the name brand and equate brands.

Walmart also has Zyrtec brand allergy relief for 18.94 (30 ct) and this Sunday's coupons have a $5 off 24 ct or higher.  that would make this product $13.94.  This is a pricy product, but if you are anything like me when it comes to these symptoms, I have to have the strongest stuff on the market....and this is a deal!

There are also $1 off coupons for the following cold brands; Pedia-Care, Robitussin, and Dimetapp.  I do not know the prices of these products but I would stand to bet Walmart has the cheapest price!  If they are advertised tomorrow....I will be sure to let you all know!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  If you get out today and live near a CVS....they have Ricola 2/$2 TODAY ONLY (1/8/2013)!!!

~Blog at ya later!


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