Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life Crisis

It has been so long since I have posted something.  Life has a way of taking all your worst fears, balling them up together and then throwing them straight at your chest.  I was engaged to what was suppose to be my second husband.  Thankfully, the wedding never happened and I learned a horrible truth about the type of person he is.  It's crazy really that my gut was giving signals about him and I just plan ignored them because here he was, taking care of four kids someone else fathered and being there for them like a father should have been.  In reality, he was just as bad, if not worse, then their biological fathers who eventually stepped out on them.  While the decline of our relationship took a toll on me, I gave up a lot of things I love, this blog being one of them.  When I met this guy, I was about year out from a terrible and violent relationship.  I fell right into his narcissistic trap and wasted almost 6 years of my life.  I am carrying a lot guilt about everything that has come to light and I just hope that despite the craziness, my kids are going to come out of this okay, better people, more aware of society and caring for the people they love.

As I work to find myself once again, I return here, my fun and safe place to be who I really am.  I hope that despite my absence, my readers and followers will welcome me back.  I will be updating and re-vamping and planning once again to share with all of you.  

I want to also note, that just because he/she doesn't hit you, doesn't mean it is domestic violence.  It doesn't have to be physical to be abuse.  Talk to someone, reach out, create and KEEP a circle of people who you can trust to help you be safe.  I have just hung my hat up on an abusive relationship that was not physical and I stayed and lived with it because I had already been through the violent craziness of another type of abusive relationship and I didn't let my heart see this was just as bad.  

I will be making a tab for Domestic Violence resources and will at first concentrate on my local area.  If you live in a different area outside the Kansas City, Mo metro area, please comment with your space and I will help you find the resources to leave, be safe, or learn about what you are dealing with.

I love you all!  The fun and amazing things are coming back.  I will be here and I pledge to never leave you again!

~Happy Life, It's important

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