Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Edible Bird Nests! (3 Cheers GS Daisy Journey)

During the 3 Cheers Journey for the Daisy Girl Scout Journey, the sessions make snack suggestions for meetings.  One of the options was an edible nest made out of veggies.  On the particular day that my daughter and I did this session, we were doubling up on sessions.  Therefore, to my daughter's delight, she got two snacks!  The other snack was veggie related so I wanted to switch it up and give her a sweet treat.

I remember from my childhood, making edible nests out of Chinese noodles and chocolate!  I searched Pinterest for a recipe that matched what I remember and lucked out big time!

My daughter was so excited to make these and since the session we were working on included nests, we were able to further the conversation about nests and animals that use them.

Here you can find the recipe!
We omitted the nuts, simply because my daughter didn't want them.  They do make cute little eggs tho!

Here is what our mixture looked like:

We plopped them on wax paper and put them in the fridge:

and here is our finished product!

There were soooo good!

~Happy Scouting!

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