Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year Resolutions!

This time of year is always full of new plans and promises to be a better version of our selfs, reach some goals and accomplish our dreams!  2015 was an interesting year for me and looking back, I didn't concretely accomplish too much. I did however, get myself on track to work on some really amazing things this year!

Top of that list:
Get Back To My Blog! 

I do not work outside the home. While this is not a choice I made, simply circumstances that is life, I need to be WAY more productive with my days!  I have a TON of info that needs to be here...and it's not.  That's changing!!

Next on my list:
Get Serious About My Businesses

I have two!  A bling/shirt/craft business I run through Etsy and a direct sales business with Younique!  I love both dearly but have not committed the appropriate time to either one of them! 

Get Back In Control of My Health

I've slipped quite a bit on staying on top of my medical staff to figure out what is wrong with me and that is just not okay!  I had surgery in 2014 and it's had me gun shy about discovering the other ailments that make my day to day a struggle.  I intend to overcome that fear and get my body back!!

There are of course some financial goals I have for myself, but those are no different then anyone else.  Get further out of debt, work on my credit score and improve my living status.  If I do the above, the rest will follow!!

I hope everyone who reads this had a wonderful New Year's Eve and holiday last month! 

Next Up On the Blog:  Family Binder and Command Center!

~Love You All

Brandie :) 

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