Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Minecraft Creeper Valentine's!

Valentine's with Boys can be difficult!  Luckily my boys have pretty fun interests and we were able to tie these into our Valentine's!

Creeper Valentine's were so fun to make!

Here is what you need to make your own!
Hersey's Snack Size bar (or other candy about the same size)
Creeper Wrappers
Blast Tags
Twine or String
Scissors (to cut out the wrappers and tags)
Tape for the wrappers
Hole Punch

Down load the wrappers and the tags below!
Creeper Wrappers
Blast Tags

Cut out the Creeper wrappers and tape them around your candy.  Cut out the tags,
punch a hole in the middle of the black section of the tag, tie a piece string around the candy with the tag attached.

If you have a Minecraft Fan, these Valentine's will be a perfect match!

~Happy Valentine's Crafting!

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