Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Minecraft Birthday Party

I have huge Minecraft Fans in my house!  This past summer, my youngest son wanted a minecraft birthday.  I had a blast putting his party today!
Here you will find all the projects I did to get prepared for the party as well as links to the printables I created to accompany the party.

I scoured Pinterest for ideas (where else would I look!).  I found some really cool Perler Bead Patterns that are Minecraft themed!  Check out my board here!!  These were so fun because the Perler Beads make the design you are doing look pixel-ated which is what Minecraft is all about!

Here are my creations based off the patterns I found!  You are welcome to go dig through my Pinterest Board!

The kids and I had so much fun making these that we went on to make Princesses, Harry Potter Designs and more!  Look for more posts on those!

I created a "Happy Birthday" sign, which you can download in PDF form here!!

I also made invitations to match!  That PDF File can be found here!

I'm always big on having food available so I made food cards as well!  Check out a few of them below and download the PDF file here!

I bought a square cupcake pan (or individual brownie pan) to make the "cake" for this party!  I loved finding the square pan because it allows me to do all kings of fun stuff that is pixel shaped!

The goal was to make a Diamond Sword out of cupcakes....I feel like this was good!

For decoration around the banner, we blew up some Creeper Green balloons and drew Creeper faces on them!  I was really surprised how well they turned out free hand drawn on!  Squares are easy :D

The kids had a blast checking out all Perler Bead items we made and they each got to take home a necklace made out of a Perler Bead Design (they could choose a Steve Head, Ender Head, or Creeper Head....we then ran a string through one corner of the design!).

I hope you find some useful ideas here!
~Happy Party Planning!  Mine ON!


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