Thursday, November 12, 2015

Independent Girl Scouting!

Due to schedule conflicts with the sports my daughter chooses to participate in, Girl Scouting with our local troop was impossible a year ago.  After listening to her crys to be a Girl Scout like her momma, I did as much research as needed to learn that we could march through the Girl Scout program independent of a troop!  In March 2015, we bought the books and uniform and got to work!

As of today she has earned all but one of her petals and has started her first journey for Girl Scout Daisys!  I have decided to document the work she does with her journeys and hopefully, another mom and daughter couple who have conflicting schedules can see that being a Girl Scout independently is completely possible!

I have found a great network of troop leaders, service unit members and fellow GS moms to work with as my daughter moves through the projects and stories.

Here is my Pinterest board for resources such as award letters, lesson plans, craft ideas, etc.

Tonight, my daughter and I start the first Journey of her 2nd Year of Daisy Girl Scouts.  She chose to start with "It's Your Story-Tell It! 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals!"  We have coupled with a 2nd year Daisy Troop and are going on a field trip to our local zoo this weekend.  If you choose to do Girl Scouts Independently with your daughter, I highly suggest purchasing the leader companion book for the journeys!  They line out EVERYTHING in sample lesson plans.  This makes planning projects, crafts, etc sooooo much easier!

I will try to post once a week on Girl Scouting with the projects we do so that you can have these ideas and steps for reference!  A lot of the projects we are going to do are not just for Girl Scouts and you are welcome to apply these to whatever adventure you and your child are on :D

~Happy Scouting!

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