Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Themed Ingrediant Jars!

I walked by the Micheal's display of Halloween stuff several weeks ago and I fell in LOVE with the little jars they had for decor.  I decided to make a set of my that I could curb my Halloween Jar desires!!

Here is what I came up with :)

I found free printables by searching on Google for the term I wanted on my labels.  I printed them out and turned them into stickers (like all time favorite thing to do...ever!)

Web of Spider

I lucked out one day when my local Hobby Lobby had ALL their glass on sale for 50% off!  I got all the jars that are shared here for next to nothing!

I filled this jar with faux spider web, easy peasy!!

Moon Dust

This one was fun to do!  It is flour and white glitter!!  I filled the jar about 1/4 fullwith flour and poured quite a bit of the glitter....then I shook it like crazy!!!

Dragon Bones

I don't have any actual bones in here yet....still struggling to find something to fit the concept without being a food item :(

Graveyard Dust

Potting soil.....that's it!

Earth Worms

What ingredient set is complete without worms??  Finding faux worms has proved to be very difficult!  They either have a smell to them for fishing or they are god-awful expensive!

Cobra Venom

Now we moved on to to do this??  I enlisted the other half....he chose corn syrup and food coloring!  Genius this man is sometimes!

I filled this jar about a quarter full with corn syrup and then added green food dye until I got the desired color!


Another staple for any "good" witch!  We used the corn syrup again and decided to go with a purple-ly color so I added purple paint to corn syrup in this jar for the effect.

Zombie Virus

Just in case you wanted to clear out a population, there is always Zombie Virus!  This is one more corn syrup mix with a yellow tint.  I was going to go green with it....but we already had the Venom so I didn't want to over do it.

Jar of Eyes!

I decided not to label this one....mainly because the jar is something that stay on my mantel with every season and what goes inside changes.  These eyes are bouncing balls I found at Micheal's in the Halloween trinket section of the store.  Think I picked them up for 2/$5.

I hope to add to these for next year, and to seriously find the ingredients I am missing!  I am almost done with my mantel as a whole and will be sharing that tomorrow!! YAY!

Happy Halloween!!

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