Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baseball Tank

Here is a Pinterest inspired piece :))

I asked my FB readers what they wanted to see on the blog this week.....this tank was one of them!  I am a crazy baseball mom so this tank is super fitting!

I used a matte fabric paint for this project....I won't again!  I have always used the Tulip Satin fabric paint for projects like this in the past and when I make another one, that is what I will buy!

My supplies:
Lace Template
Red Fabric Paint
Sponge Brush
Racer Back Tank

In the picture, you will see a glitter paint.....I decided not use it because I am not 100% happy with the matte paint.  I will be making more of these because they are going on the Etsy Shop....when I decide to use the glitter, I will post it!

The template is homemade.  It is an old plastic placemat from my table!  I use these these all the time for a lot of projects.  I played around with a piece of paper to decide how I wanted the laces to look.  Then I used it to trace the lace pattern onto the mat, then I cut it out.

Here is a close of the laces at the top of the tank:

And the finished product!!

There were ideas flying last night at the ball fields to dress her name down the back, football versions....and they will all happen :)  When they do, I will totally share!!

~Happy Baseball Season!


  1. Love how simple and graphic this tee is! I'd love if you'd come share at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

    1. I will be there :) Thanks so much for the invite!

  2. Aww I love it! The stripes are super cute, and perfect for baseball season! I'm pinning this, and thanks so much for linking it up to my party!