Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Cricut FREE CUTS!

I love these deals!  Especially when Cricut reaches out to their users and offers cuts that are relevant to the current holiday!

There are a TON of free cuts for the 4th of July....and here is what I made with them :)

Check out the free cuts in the Cricut Craft Room or go to Cricut's Website to learn more!

I cut out the three layer flag pendant (times 4) and then cut 4 of the bottom layer to make my string of pendants.  Here is an up close look at them.  Note that the stars on the firecracker and phrase cuts are the cut out of the flag pieces (I'm such a genius sometimes lol)!

 The American Flag in the top picture was also a featured free cut....and I love it!

I happen to own the "Stand and Salute" Cartridge (a must have if you have a loved one in the military!) and it has a few of these free cuts on it.  The "4th of July" phrase is free but it is only single layer....therefore I use the "Stand and Salute" phrase to do this sign.

Get your last minute decorating on for Thursday....or Friday if you are anything like us! ;)

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!! (and yes, I meant to "yell" that!)


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