Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Cupcake Toppers!

YAY!  Cricut opened their Easter 2010 Basic Cuts FREE now through April 3rd!  I can't explain how excited I am!  Well...the amount of posts that are about to follow just might!

Here's the first completed project of the frenzy of cutting I have literally been doing ALL day! (no family had to eat in the living room because I had taken control of the kitchen table with paper crafts covering it!)

Cupcake Toppers!
One of my favorite things to do, so favorite, that they will be the first official "Midwest Moma Boutique" items to hit my Etsy shelves!

I, of course, used the Easter 2010 Free Basic Cuts in the Cricut Craftroom to complete this project.  All the cuts were made at the 2.5 inch standard setting except the "shadow" of the topper (cut at 3 in) and the cupcake wrappers (cut at 4 in).

Once everything was cut, I ran the top three layers through my sticker maker.  I used one the two layer egg shapes and the jagged circle cut.

I then gathered all the supplies I would need to complete the project.  This included the stickers I just made, the back piece to the topper and 12 toothpicks!

I then proceeded to build my toppers.  The time it took to build them was maybe a quarter of the time it took to cut them!
I used bold colors on these because I was in such an excited mood...I wanted my project to be just as exciting!

And, since the cut was provided...I also cut 12 cupcake wrappers in two different colors!

I can't wait to get cupcakes in these on Saturday!  I am getting excited!

~Happy Party-ing!
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