Tuesday, March 5, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Ribbon Tutu!

My daughter and I were scopin' out the local Hobby Lobby today (little down mother/daughter time).  I am getting ready to venture on a new path in life and that path always leads me to the nearest fabric department!  While visiting Hobby Lobby's, my daughter and I stumbled across some shamrock, glitter tulle.  It's been a while since I made her a tutu and since the tulle was 50% off, I thought, what the heck!

I bought a yard and half (learned later, I should have gotten 2 yards....my girl is getting big!) of the shamrock tulle and spool of the gold glitter tulle (oh my the glitter...I think more ended up on my floor than stayed on the tutu!).

I paid $3.74 for the shamrock tulle and used a 40% off coupon on the spool gold tulle, making it $2.39.  I thought that I still had elastic at home (my preferred method of making tutus), but I didn't.  So, instead of running back out to the store, I used some green ribbon I already had (it doesn't really match...but the only place you see it is in the back).

I cut the shamrock tulle into 6 inch strips so that it would match the size of the spool tulle (spool tulle is exactly 6 inches wide).  I kept the tulle folded in half like it is when it is cut by the yard.  After the strips were cut, I took each one and cut them exactly in half.  This makes each strip 29.5 inches long.  To ensure all my pieces were even, I cut the gold tulle at the same length.

The yard and half of shamrock tulle made 18 strips and the gold made 14.  I stacked my pieces in the pattern I wanted them on the waste line of the tutu.  I then measured my daughter's waist and added 6 inches to each side so I had room to tie and untie the ribbon.

This tulle is really shear so we will be devising ideas to complete the outfit for the big Green day!  St. Patrick's Day is fun time in my household and the last few years, it's been great having it on the weekend!

When sis and I finish the outfit, we will for sure share it! 

~Happy Crafting!

House of Rose

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