Monday, March 4, 2013

Cricut St. Patrick's Day Frame!

Coming up with creative and inexpensive ways to decorate my mantel has been somewhat challenging.  However, I did find a project that I can use over and over for each holiday and season!  I bought a $5 frame 5x7 at Micheal's and decided to make my own "art" to go in it.  I can change it whenever I want and the "art" can be stored for use next season!

I used my Cricut Craft Room Exclusive cartridge Classroom-Feb. & March to cut the phrase.  It was three cuts total (for the three different layers).

I cut this phrase at the 2 inch setting.  This is just at 7 inches long.  

After all the cuts were done, I ran it through my 2.5 inch sticker maker,

I then layered up the phrase appropriately.  I then marked off the center of my background.  I had already cut some patterned paper into the 5x7 size for the frame.  After I found the centers, I placed the phrase on the background.

I placed the "art" work in the frame!  Now, it's ready for the mantel!

I have a couple of other ideas to fill up the mantel with fun stuff!  I will you keep you posted as they come together!

~Happy Decorating!
Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

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