Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kids Info Printables!

It's time for my second installment of the Home Notebook FREE Printables!

This installment is all about the kids!  Anyone with kids knows that as they get older, life gets busier, more complicated and hectic.  Add 2-3 more kids into the mix, and any good mom or dad could bat-nuts crazy if he or she is not careful!  I have four kids, the three older ones (all boys) have already spent years involved with sports and school activities.  My youngest and only daughter is speeding into joining her brothers in the craziness.  I have always keep an agenda to keep their schedules under control....but I always forget something...or someone at least once a season!

The Goal of the Home Notebook is to keep my life organized so that I can spend more time being their mom, having fun, playing catch and whoopin' butt in a game of tag!

I searched the internet and Pinterest and found TONS of free printables!  The problem is that most of them are geared towards my home schooling moms.  It takes a stronger mom than I am to homeschool multiple children and most of these printables didn't work for me.  I found three that did (see below) and then made the rest of what I felt like I needed!

The website I got the three useful one in regards to the kids is  I actually use several others, but that is a whole other post (and will be coming soon!).

I use "Kids Info" to keep track of their favorite things, their best friends, and their basic daily schedule.  This is handy when the kiddos need to stay over with grandma or an aunt or uncle or even long term with a babysitter.
I use the "Personal Info" to keep track of their doctors, dentist, and other such things.  This is key for those emergency situations where I can't be there....but my book of knowledge is!

I also use the "School Info" one to keep track of their library days, teacher contact info, and class schedules.  This is really for me....I am always forgetting emails and library days!
Now, we are an active, year round sports family.  I couldn't find anything that would help me keep track of schedules, contact info, and equipment info, etc.  So I made my own!  I also made one for every sport I could think of!

Here they are!

I attempted to think of every sport your child might play.  These forms have already been helpful (mainly because I can't remember what size shoe my kids wear!).  It's going to be super handy when family start asking me what their schedules are!

I will be sharing my party planning section next!  It's all coming together! YAY!

~Happy Planning!
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