Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lucky Banner! Free Printable!

Yet another piece for my St. Patrick's Day Mantle Decor!

I found this link on Pinterest to print a FREE "Lucky" Banner!  It can be found at the HGTV website with instructions to make their version.

Here is mine!

I printed the pages out, plus an extra of page 3 so that I had two shamrock pieces (the tutorial showed a page with two already on it, but it was not included in the download).

I cut each triangle out...

Punched holes on both sides at the top...

And strung it up with fishing line!

Normal people hand banners along the actual mantel....but I'm not normal and hung mine from the ceiling!

All I need now is some green flowers and the decor will be complete!

~Happy Decorating!
The Girl Creative


  1. So Cute Brandie! I love your fun St. Patrick's Day decor! I am so bad a holiday crafts! I am happy you commented on my blog, so I could find yours!

  2. I have been a work in progress when it comes to holiday decor....the price tag on most things don't seem to match the time frame they are out! I love those get festive with their home decor so I have been pretty active lately searching for free, easy, or super cheap ideas for decorating! I have quite a few ideas for Easter I am excited to explore!

    I love meeting other blog moms! It makes me feel more connected in this blog world when I find other writers who have the same interests that I do!