Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"The Stockings Were Hung" Sign

Last year, my mantle decor was sad....it included my stocking holders, three cute trees I found at Pottery Barn and a canister of red sparkle balls I found at Hobby Lobby.  This year, despite my stretched budget.....I wanted something much more lively and festive!  I re-used the stocking holders and red garlen from last year....re-used my glitter trees, got a smaller vase for my red balls, added a tiny "regular" Christmas tree.  We decided to use our outdoor lights around the perimeter of our living area....so those dangle down above the mantle...but it still left this large white open space that needed some life.

I was chatting with my crafty friend Kait and she suggested doing a "stockings were hung" sign.  We both have seen such things with hooks on them and those are very ideal for someone who doesn't have a fireplace/mantle....but that doesn't mean I can't use the idea to suit my area!  I took a frame that I had already bought, it is a 11x14 with an 8x10 mat in it.  I pulled out the Cricut and cut the letters out to spell "The stockings were hung" on a piece of scrapbook paper that has music notes all over it.  I used a different size letter for each word.  I turned those letters into stickers with my ever-loved sticker maker and stuck them on a piece of dark red paper (the same paper I made my red bags on my advent calender!).  I put the sign into the frame and hung in that white space above my mantle!

Below is a picture of the frame before I hung it....it's hard to see when it is hung in a photo because all you can see if the scene that reflects on the glass....it's an issue I will address for next year!

Here is a photo up on the wall!

Want to know about that situation hanging in the middle???  See my next post on it!

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