Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing in the New Year! 2013

We have decided to celebrate the coming of a new year with our kids (in the years past, we have gone out with friends and grown family members and left the kids with a babysitter).  I am very excited about this because I have spent ZERO dollars on this at home party with them.  Mainly because we are too broke for me to even get them a bottle of sparkling grape juice (which I doubt they would like anyway).  Today we are making party hats, 2013 glasses, digging through left over 4th of july stuff for noise makers, and decking the house out!  I am also going to have them all write a New Year's's never too early to start a new tradition (this holiday season has been full of them!).

Here are the projects and links to things we are doing today :))

Party Hat

The party hat was the easiest thing to get put together.  A simple pattern and black print allows you to print this on any paper and decorate any way you like.  Here is what my kiddos came up with :))


2013 Glasses

These glasses are super fun and solve the problem our household had last year.  My sons were very upset about NOT having glasses to wear like the people on TV.  This printable is very cute and easily customize with desired paper and decor options.

Here's what my kiddos put together :))

Cupcake Flags

These were just too cute not to use!  I had already made these cupcakes with supplies I had in the cabinet....don't mind the fall sprinkles!


The link above will lead you to a great deal of ideas....all of my project originated from this blog!  Highly impressive and there is just enough time this evening to throw some cute things together for the kids!  There are wine bottle covers, cupcakes sleeves and many many more!

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