Friday, December 28, 2012

Cake Pop Machine

I got a cake pop machine for Christmas.  There are several brands out there these I am not sure if the one I have is the original or copy cat brand.  Regardless, here is a photo of the machine.  I have several boxes of cake mix in my cabinet....cake mixes I had every intention on using within a short time of purchasing the boxes :))  I love to bake...but I find it really, really hard to find the time to do it in the manner that I dream of doing it! 

The Cake Pop machine has the potential to make baking more fun, faster, and easier than baking and cooling a cake or cupcakes.  Last night, I got it out and the fiance and I commenced to give it a try.  I pulled a box of cake mix out of the cabinet, prepared it as directed and poured the batter into the machine.

I was NOT impressed by the least in color, they were two sided (see below) and the top half didn't rise all the way up even though I filled the bottom half to the brim.  The fiance did try them (icing free) and claimed they tasted really today I am going to attempt to decorate the ones he didn't eat!  If you have any easy ideas....I would love to hear them!  I am really not sure how this is going to work out!

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  1. Should practice and maybe make these for the Princess Party??!!